About Us

About Dothan Investments Club

Dothan Investments club is a company that is registered in the state of Texas. We are a team of men that is focused in achieving the american dream by putting our resources together to invest in real estate.

We are brought together by our desire of joining strength, learning from each other and realizing the american dream together. All our members are dedicated in contributing their money, time and ideas to ensure the success of our mission.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”
– Henry Ford


Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to financially empower ourselves through real estate and other investment opportunities. For many years most of us have struggled to attain financial freedom and be debt free. By bringing our ideas and resources together, we can invest in the next generation that is stable, secure and debt free.

We will attain this by being transparent, accountable, dedicated and totally committed while still guaranteeing the value for our money.

Mission Statement

"To realize the American dream together, through real estate investments"


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